Solar LED Street Light Shikar Series

We Specialize In Designing, Manufacturing And Supplying Commercial Solar LED Lights. Huge collection of professional.

Luxint’s solar-powered LED street light systems are an efficient means of providing lighting without the need for standard utility power.

Our solar-powered led lights do not rely on the utility grid, allowing them to be installed on rural roads and streets without running power to the poles.

Product Features:

Grade A+ Solar cell, each cell has a complete IV curve, Conversion
efficiency is more than 21.3%;
Lithium iron phosphate battery, the discharge depth reaches 95%. under
teh discharge ratio of less than 0.5C, service life is up to 13 years, with high safely factor
High lumen LED SMD, With 50,000 hrs life span.
PC Outdoor optical lens, high light transmittance.
High trength ABS Housing, anti-corrsion,substantial,durable,artistic, practical.High craft manifesting production value of famous brand. • Designed diamond face reflection process,super high efficiency reflection
light source, effectively enhance the brightness of the illumination
Turn on/Off Model: light control+Motion Sensor+remote control
Remote control Maximum linear sensing distance 10-12m
Motion sensor sensing distance 10-12m, Maximum induction Angle 90°




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